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Innovation in every product and in our business Railways in our country account for the bulk of the freight turnover, and their condition directly reflects the general state of the economy.
Comprehensive solutions from the production of parts to the provision of repair services.
We design and manufacture parts in the shortest possible time, thanks to our own machine park with great capabilities, including special technological equipment. We are appreciated for:
Having a powerful production base and repair shops, LLC "EC "Fact" offers its customers a full range of services for the repair of components and assemblies. We are valued for:
  • The possibility of manufacturing products according to the customer's technical specifications.
  • Extensive experience and highly qualified employees.
  • Experience and knowledge - what helps our specialists to do all the work quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimal prices due to the use of parts of own production.
We guarantee the result of the work performed
We work conscientiously, therefore, we always provide the customer with the goods provided for by the contract or the terms of reference in the proper configuration and quality.
By signing a contract with us for the performance of work, you can be sure that you will get a result that will meet the quality requirements set out in the agreement and the terms of reference.
Quality control of manufactured parts
Own production allows you to test products
Reliability is the basis for the development of cooperation
We are one of the leaders of the Udmurt Republic in our field
High speed of order fulfillment
We will produce the necessary products in the shortest possible time
Responsibility for the result of our work
We control the quality of the services provided