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"EC "Fact" is an advanced company for the design, production and supply of railway parts. We design, manufacture and comprehensively supply spare parts for railway transport.
Quality control of manufactured parts
Own production allows you to test products
Reliability is the basis for the development of cooperation
We are one of the leaders of the Udmurt Republic in our field
High speed of order fulfillment
We will produce the necessary products in the shortest possible time
Responsibility for the result of our work
We control the quality of the services provided
One mistake can cost the customer a broken locomotive (at least) or even a railway track.
And we took two criteria as a basis: security and high functionality. Each product is strictly tested.
  • Repair of electrical equipment
  • Turning of wheel pairs
  • Repair of components and assemblies
  • Repair of heat exchange equipment
We repair electrical equipment of the locomotive of the TGM-4, TGM-6, TEM-2, TEM-18 series: contactors, reversers, controllers, springs, bolted connections, coils and other types.
1 month
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Repair of electrical equipment
We work with wheel pairs: to electric locomotives VL-10, VL-11, VL-80, to diesel locomotives TE10, TE116, TEM2, TEM18, TGM4, TGM6, to traction units OPE-1, OPE-1A and PE-2M, PE2U.
1 month
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Turning of wheel pairs
We repair diesel generators D50 (1 PD4A, PD1M, 1PDG-D) from diesel locomotives of the TEM2, TEM18, TEM18DM series, diesel locomotive electric machines, machinist cranes (№254, №326, №394, №395).
1 month
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Repair of components and assemblies
Our company performs major repairs of the following types of equipment: cooling sections, diesel heat exchanger, heater, fuel heater, diesel air cooler.
1 month
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Repair of heat exchange equipment
You can also order products from other well-known manufacturers from us.